Reina Exhibition Catalogue

  • Reina
    Exhibition Catalogue
  • This project consisted in the design of a catalogue for a photography exhibition called Reina. Reina (spanish for queen) is a series of self-portraits by my friend Mónica Felix. 


    "Reina is the frame name for a series of self-portraits and photographs that together tell one of the many stories of an individual reaching this change period. The exhibit is set up so as to be read like a diary and underline the artist’s practice of sentimental purposed lighting and self-portraiture.

    Reina, more than the name for a new phase in the daughter’s life, is also an experiment of self-portrait in which the subject—the daughter—blurs within the figure of the mother, creating a new object—a matergraphy, which seems to subscribe the self of the portrait into the inevitable bond with the uterine advantage and by being a constant reminder of the possession of the virtue of sheltering the opportunity of being a mother as well."

    Mónica Félix

    All photographs and text on the catalogue by Mónica Félix. For more of her work visit