PRINT Magazine Cover

  • 2013 PRINT Play Issue
    Publication_Design /// Fall_2012
  • We were assigned to design the cover of PRINT magazines 2013 "Play" issue that represents the synopsis and our perspective on the form of play.

    Synopsis: "The design of play in all its many forms. We talk to game designers, we look at sports and the design of uniforms, logos and stadiums. We explore the "play" of album covers designers and we ask our favorite design firms...."

    As a child, collecting basketball cards was one activity I associated with the form of play. I was inspired by Topps 1972-'73 basketball card series layout, color palette, minimal graphics, and large bold typography. Thus for this issue, I wanted to highlight individual artists/designers ("players") in the creative field similar to the card.
  • Inspiration
  • Sketch of Concept
  • Final Cover - Artist, Stephen "ESPO" Powers