Green To Go

  • Green To Go
    A Thesis project
    The re-invention of the packaging is to combine the plant pot withthe packaging
    itself, so there will be no waste after the consumer purchases the plant. 
    The structure is designed to have multiple functions, and the rack is also the
    handle of the container. When the consumer carries the plant home or when
    he/she needs to transport it from one location to another, the handles
    make it convenient to carry. 
    Instead of using a plant tag, the knowledge of taking care of plants
    could be introduced through the APP format. Since the instruction is syncs online,
    it’s easy for the seller to update the newest information and it’s faster and clearer
    for the consumer to find the knowledge they need. The application also provides an
    online shopping platform for the consumer to customize their unique plants and
    share on different social media.
  • Special Thanks
    3D Model–Pedro Yapor