Companion Website for Meet Me in Union Square

  • Project
    The goal of this project is to produce an interactive website on any topic of my choosing. My goal was to show that the book Meet Me in Union Square could also be branded for an interactive product.
    To enhance the features of the book while adding features not shown in the book. The book is about how Union Square is more of a personal space for people. It focuses on how people use it as a meeting spot. This website will not function as a typical promotional site for a published book. Rather, the website enhances the book.
    Design Solution
    For design, I was inspired by my print solution of the book. I wanted to mimic the colors, typography and style of photography to show that this website is a brand extension of the printed book. For interactivity, I wanted to show how people meet by dispersing the squares on the home page. 
  • I constantly watch people as they meet in Union Square and then quietly disperse as a group. My idea was to have the website display a square and then have it disperse to various spots on the screen. 
  • For the timeline page, you can drag from left to right to see various dates. 
  • For the media page, I wanted the photography from the printed book to come to life by showing various videos from the early 1920s and on.
  • The slideshow page shows various locations on a Union Square map where users can click to see
    photographs shown in the Square.