• Property developer Aoyuan International came us with the task of re-creating an identity for a collection of boutique apartments in Sydney’s Inner West. We soon found that our challenge was in communicating the value of a very different offering to a crowded suburban property market that was typically not used to boutique developments. This meant a potential risk of alienating our audience with something too left of field. However, we also saw a clear opportunity to embrace the uniqueness of the development and thus reveal a new face of the suburb, both attracting new buyers to the area and capturing the attention of familiar local investors.

    Adela is located in Burwood between the boundary of a central district of bustling city infrastructure and the tranquil calm of leafy suburban streets. We took this dual nature into our design direction and created a suite of playful illustrations that were split and reversed, adding a bit of relief to the scope of content. We also wanted our colour palette to feel distinct and fresh but approachable, and similarly our typographic approach, pairing the clean and contemporary sans-serif Everett with the slightly kooky but approachable serif Self Modern, worked to communicate in a democratic space without feeling too chic or too pedestrian. Our art direction for architectural renders was given with the clear intention of creating spaces that felt genuinely lived in, allowing potential buyers to easily imagine themselves in each one. Additionally the incidental photography was intended to inspire a nostalgia for the everyday, painting a fairly visceral picture of life in the area. We wanted to cut through a saturated market by appealing to the imagination of the individual, allowing every viewer to project their own future stories into this new environment.