Ozmoz exhibition game


    Ozmoz, an exhibition game where 2D illustrations turn into 3D worlds! 

    fam° is launching a new online exhibition game in partnership with ASUS and ROG! Designed for the anniversary of its illustration gallery famstore° Ozmoz features the work of 23 artists.

    Ozmoz (Osmosis) is a brand-new interactive exhibition experience that transfers you from the world of illustration to the world of gaming. It is an audiovisual labyrinth where 23 illustrations from famstore°s new collection are turned into 3D rooms. Participants must discover a way out from each room while exploring the colorful worlds that they enter.

    This technically and creatively challenging project emerged from our contemplations on how we can reflect the culture of illustration in a way that challenges our visual perceptions. Never before have our daily lives been so overwhelmed by the omnipotence of images. Yet, our meaningful engagement with them has never been so threatened. Ozmoz aims to reverse this by providing a decelerated experience of art, made possible by merging the world of illustrations with that of gaming. Hence, the illustrations in this exhibition are spatialized and transformed into a maze surrounding the participant. Through this, Ozmoz aims to revive/restore the feeling of enchantment we get from a profound engagement with art, using the contemporary tools of our age.

    Exhibition link : famstore.co/en/ozmoz
    google play link: https://bit.ly/3ew8aeG

    Each illustration displayed in Ozmoz is also available to purchase at famstore.co.

  • Go into the pool! ​​​​​​​

    A happy day can erase all the bad days!

  • Take a good look at the table, it hosts many wonders!

    "Everything perishes, therefore everything deserves to perish!"
  • Merge your third eyes.

    This creature dies in a world of life and body and rebirths in another life in another body, and like everyone else, it goes on to a quest, thinking that it’s its raison d’etre. In this circle of life, this creature suddenly appears and disappears only at the presence of other travellers.
  • Say hi to your meditation friend!

    “Elsewhere is a negative mirror. The traveler recognizes the little that is his, discovering the much he has not had and will never have.”
    Italo Calvino -ınvisible Cities
  • Wait before taking the stairs.

    In my mind, thoughts that belong to me and thoughts that I belong to are all myself
    The lack of belongingness at my presence is what makes me lonely.
    Maybe that is the reason for my fondness for love, aversion for crowds.
    I am all by myself at everywhere I don't belong
  • Examine the ping pong balls, or jump on them for a better view! 

    This image represents my inner speech.
  • Join the ceremony. 

    Since ancient engravings and texts fire has always been a subject of arts, literature and philosophy. Fire illuminates in heaven and blazes in hell. In the Islamic miniatures, fire is a symbol of divinity and wisdom and is represented in the form of the fire around the head of prophets. In this world, dancing witches burn hand in hand, not with the fire that blazed them for centuries but with the sacred feminine fire kindled by their unity and wisdom. They dance to be enlightened and to enlighten others.
  • Prepare your oxygen tubes and swim to the top of the building!

    You might call this an aquarium or a botanic garden. You can even find living species here, but can you find yourself?
  • Smell the flowers.

    The idea started with a plan. The preparation phase of the table is motivated by the end result. Dining tables give the pleasure of exploring, feeding, coexistence, and joy to the people that gather around to eat. What is more important: how you eat, how you feel or who you eat with?
  • Look up to the window and you might gain a new friend.

    They tried to leave their once beautiful home thinking they could outrun death, so she took them one by one until there were none but me. She refuses to meet me, but, here I wait, till the day she comes and dances with me for one last time, as I know, she will fall for me and we will dance till the end of stars.
  • Enter the screen.

    It was as if a quarter of a century had passed overnight and took away its usual morning energy and diminished the capacity of its limbs. It stood up and looked around, searching for the dust it dips itself in every morning for fluffy and colourful feathers. Its seat was even lower than before and its food, saltier.
    -The Patso Story
  • Jump with her and gain new perspectives!

    I am a free soul,
    colorful, bold
    intricate and deep.

    Do not try to
    Contain me
    Degrade me
    Mistake me as a
    I am 
    a woman. 

    My flesh is earth
    My heart is sun
    My shoulders
    can hold mountains 
    and my breasts
    pour abundance.

    I am a woman
    a Wild one.
  • Be one with the assembly line.

    ‘Dead end’ is a work where I wring the water out of ‘free will’ and make small talk with ‘determinism’. The title is also accompanying us in the Arabic sign board. Rebellion, objection, despair and stubbornness, especially stubbornness… I leave the rest to the arms of mystery, dreams, questions and observations. I relish the dive that viewers make to my sea of imagery. A shepherd is sufficiently necessary at these imaginary journeys. 
  • Share the love of the astronaut!

    We are trying to exist in a world where everything changes rapidly and each day we are trying to adapt to these changes. Just don't forget to remember once in a while that we are actually living in a teeny-tiny space as small dots in the universe.
  • Ride the day with her.

    Early-morning breeze, golden rays of sunshine, fresh orange juice filled tities declaring their freedom, finally.
  • Rise up in the hierarchy.

    One does not know oneself
    One searches in texts
    On the internet
    In emergency contacts
    In the dark tone of arrogance
    In photos
    In serial likes
    In kindness
    In self-improvement
    In mass events
    In the spam box
    In music charts
    but never in oneself
    -Rahman Yıldız
  • Give the tiger a kiss.

    Even the most peaceful town
    Once was a battleground
    Well we all change in our own ways
    In our own pretty ways

    First Aid Kit - Our Own Pretty Ways
  • Catch the flow.

    If I am small this is a place. If I am big this is an object. My perspectives exist simultaneously. Must I choose one?
  • Rise for better reception.

    These prismatic organisms can be found in the heart of metropolises.
  • Catch the day.

    the ones who want to be left alone,
    who are scared of being alone
    and who can be alone together.
  • Look at all the layers of the bird.

    Could the whole be missing? Or else, could a piece be the whole?

    One who seeks for their own piece,
    One who has lost their own piece, 
    One who thinks they're someone else's piece,
    One who, to be a piece of someone else, cuts down their own piece,

    I'm sure you don't have a single piece, missing.
  • Don’t skip the lower arcs!

    Architectural abstraction is a need to balance the shape and dynamism of the city. We look for artifacts to hold on to ourselves while cities transform chaotically.

  • Enjoy the view from the peak, it is worth the climb! 

    I have to meet a great poet so they can take advantage of my melancholy.
    -Jean Jacques Sempé
  • -ArtIsts-


    Concept and curation: Selen Gürsoy, Ege Akdemir 
    3D modelling: Selen Gürsoy 
    Game development: Batu Yıldız 
    Sound and music design: Turgut Mavuk
    Brandin and web design: Simay Yaman
    Project Assistant: Tutku Vatansever
    Content & Media Agency:Salvo İstanbul

    Created with Zenbook Pro Duo and Zephyrus G14.