• Creation of CRM system for managing supplier interactions
  • During the period from March to May 2020, I have developed a CRM system for one of the leaders in the Russian food retail market. Development of a CRM system took 3 months of hard work with business representatives, developers and other team members. The CRM system included customer and vendor interfaces. Through this CRM system, the customer planned to carry out all activities for the procurement of goods from suppliers and their accounting.
  • Analysis and research
  • I began work on the task by analyzing the technical specifications and interviews with business representatives. Using the information received, I determined the functionality of the CRM system and divided the development process into small tasks.

    I started work on each of the tasks by conducting a study of similar functionality in other products. The information received allowed me to quickly find solutions and discuss them with team members and users.

    The approach with dividing the development process into small tasks increased the speed of developing a the CRM system, since after completing the task I immediately transferred it to the developers and moved on to the next one. As a result, all team members were spared unnecessary downtime.
  • Researching similar functionality in other products
  • Decision
  • One of the most important steps in my work was the prototype development stage when working with each task. Before developing the final design, I tried to assemble a solution in prototype format and discuss it with team members and users. This approach allowed me to find the most effective solutions quickly and, as a result, to accelerate the development process of the entire product.
  • Prototypes of some functions of the CRM system
  • CRM system design
  • In the beginning, I developed a design system that includes the main components of the interface. Using it, I have developed a visual interface and its states.
  • Design system
  • Part of the pages and states of the CRM system