Business messenger on Android and iOS

  • Creation of a native mobile app for Android and iOS for a business messenger​​​​​​​
  • I joined the OnlyOffice team in mid-2019 to work on the business messenger mobile app. My task was to create a design system for mobile platforms, and then develop a new native mobile app for Android and iOS, relying on the functionality of the web app.
  • Analysis and research
  • I began work on the task by analyzing the functionality of the web app and researching similar products. After that I formed hypotheses. Based on them, I have developed several quick mobile app concepts and interviewed team members.

    The information received allowed the whole team to determine the direction in which we moved on.
  • Research of similar products
  • Decision
  • At this step, I have developed a screen map and prototypes of the main functions of the mobile app. I worked in fast iterations in order to find the most effective solutions as quickly as possible.
  • Mobile app prototypes
  • Mobile app design
  • I started this step by developing a design concept. I have developed a visual interface and components of the main screens. Also, at this step I have developed a design system that I used to develop the remaining screens and states of the mobile app.
  • Design system for mobile platforms
  • The main screens of the mobile app for Android and iOS