• 2010/2011 Prints
    Woodcut, Monotype, Etching, Lino, Screenprint
  • Philadelphia Woodcut
    Black and white editions (7 Total)
  • Philadelphia Woodcut Poster Print
    Unique Print
  • Philadelphia Woodcut Rainbow Roll
    Unique Print
  • Philadelphia Woodcut
    Unique Print
  • Kanye West Monotype
    Image transfer of a photoshopped image and Composition of Kanye West
    Lyrics to All Falls Down in white of shirt
  • Explosives Monotypes Framed
    Taped Stencils
    Woodcut Ink for the backgrounds
    Oil Paint for the subjects and details
  • All 6 monotypes
  • Oyster Etchings Framed
  • Oyster Etching Close-Up
  • Lino cut with connected CP
    For business cards
  • Gatsby FigureĀ 
    4 Layers
  • Sticks No.1, Photo Emulsion, Acrylic, 22"x15.25"
    4 Layers
  • Sticks No.2, Photo Emulsion, Acrylic, 22"x15.25"
    2 Layers
  • Sticks No.3
    1 Layer
  • Freeform Sticks Print
    6 Layers, 35 placements of 2 screens
  • M, Reductive print with screen filler, Acrylic, 33.75"x22"
  • Johnnie Walker Spoof Ad, Acetate Stencil, Acrylic, 20.5"x15.5"