• CLIENT MTV Ghosted
    PRODUCED AT Block & Tackle
    MY ROLE Design
    Here are some show package design/illustration explorations for Mrs. America, which is an American historical drama television miniseries produced by FX. 
    These frames demonstrates a push and pull between light and dark, and the tension of a soft female hand wrestling with approaching shadows in her own way. The show dramatizes the story of the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, which inspired me with this concept to use a female's hand as a symbol to represent the main character, Phyllis Schlafly's viewpoint. In her view, the ERA is an malicious force that brings threads the rights of women being home and taking care of the children, In these frames,  a Proper, elegant, and delicate hand of an housewife, lifts and pushes away the approaching 'shadows' what seems to slowly eat away the her space.