ART VERSUS COVID19- my 1 month diary & vector PSAs

  • So yeah- it's now been a month plus and looking back at my Quarantine creative life.

    Here I am ( picture below) , a few days into the first week of pre-quarantine due to the global pandemic called COVID19- AKA- The Corona Virus. My lovely wife took this snap shot moments after we had to gear up and run out to our local super market here in Bogota, Colombia... we had to run out because an hour earlier, we had ordered some groceries on line to be delivered and the delivery man arrived at our front door and then quickly sped off- proving to me that its true about what they say- " desperate times call for desperate measures". To be honest- I wasn't very disappointed- just abit taken by the experience and happy that the delivery person now had a huge amount of food for his family in need. Click this link to be transported back to my original post...
  • Throughout the earlier days of the quarantine- I had a growing concern regarding how long this would all last for my family, the status of my current commissions and being a fan of "Art History" - how would all this be communicated for future generations.

    My first vector illustration at the start of all this titled "Ready At the Keep" - foreshadowed
    what would soon be the underlining "new normal" for the next month plus. Nor did I expect how it will evolve me to push aside my previous creative comfort zone of pop-culture related poster themes to a more direct personal involvement reaching back into my advertising days to help drive awareness through a new daily series of vector created PSA's ( Public Service Announcement) posters. And a need to try my best to help support my fellow creative brethren by devising a gallery showcase sharing as much art  associated with covid19- which I call Artversuscovid19 : Showcasing our Global Creative Voice versus our one common enemy - Covid19. Curated by @mexifunk
    Tag for your art to be showcased.

  • So back to my visual diary and how to engage with this post-
    • created 100% using adobe Illustrator - with CMD+Y previews & anchor points
    • my zbookx2 / Z4 workstation never quit! All thanks to ZbyHP
    Plus- hashtags and direct links in blue,
    connecting you back in time to the actual post.

    To be 100% honest- although I'm sharing with you this collection in a form of a chronological diary- I've made it public knowledge that I'm committed to continuing this effort until there's a valid vaccine / cure.

    My deepest respects to everyone who have lost a loved one or have been affected by this pandemic. Sending positive vibes to all who continue to draw strength (pun intended) beyond the daily hurdles that stress our tolerance but reinforce our never ending spirit and imagination to stand together again and breathe in a new day.

    Cheers and stay strong~
    #thisisvector #madeonz #createwithillustrator
  • ABOVE Vector drawing ^
  • I love period movies, especially movies and stories about chivalry/ braving against the odds! Here's this morning's 10min #vectorfreestyle #sketch titled "Ready At The Keep" - for all of us holding it down at our home castles and doing the best we can against OUR current situation.
    Stay strong. Stay smart but above all be kind & courageous!
    Cheers ~
    Btw- te amo @iad.tap y soy encantado de estar por su lado hoy y cada dia! ❤

  • Below: vector anchor points and vector preview
  • MARCH 18th 2020: COVID19 BUMP
    Reading so much these days and scratching my head over the amount of families globally affected, those that fear more is to come , while others consider this to be nothing more than a joint "Western & Eastern " conspiracy...the amount of insanity of toilet paper being sold out everywhere to bottles of antibacterial cream going to astronomically inflated prices!!?!?!
    Who is really gaining through it all??? While others race to keep their families safe.

    I tell you - my family and I pray for all of this to pass soon.
    Until then- be smart- wash them hands, look out for one another, stay home and before you reach out- do that #covid_19 #bump - your hood relies on it!
    Cheers & be careful out there..

    For those who are placing us all at great risk to frolic at the beach...
    #corvid19 #springbreak #stayhome #itsnotajoke #pandemic #cankillyou
    Cheers & be safe ~

  • "We will witness the final death scowl of our enemy as we rise to breathe in a fresh new day!"
  • Honestly a huge middle finger to the #coronavirus / #covid19 and to ALL who just think its a joke, stop partying outside! You are risking our community!
    Cheers to those who are staying home and doing their part!

  • MARCH 25th 2020: WE ARE THE W.H.O.
    Because @drtedros and his team @who could use as much support and positive vibes from our creative community!
    This #vector is for them, the warriors who wont stop until they successfully break through!
    Cheers & thank you.

  • MARCH 26th 2020: DOUBLE HOLD UP
    For all you #andywarhol #artafficionados 😁 my take on a classic.
    Cheers & stay healthy ~
  • MARCH 27th 2020: WHAT DO WE SAY...
    For all you @gameofthrones / Chess lovers out's my tribute + PSA message. Thanks to @mratlantis / #syrioforel / @maisie_williams / #aryastark / power quote!
    Cheers & remember we can checkmate covid19 by reacting together and staying within our castles!! Be safe & strong!

  • MARCH 28th 2020: TO BOLDLY GO!
    #toboldlygo !
    For all who answer the call aboard the #usnscomfort !
    ( and yes - #amcassandre has always been inspiration to me 😁) Thank you and stay strong!

  • Here's a novelty idea... less firing and more hiring! If you can operate a game controller, then you probably can operate a commercial delivery drone from home.
    Its not a solution for the greater issue.
    But it is an idea to keep the economy running, people employed, and families safe while practicing social distancing.... Keeps US WORKING to keep them DELIVERING and the WORLD SAFE & BUYING! A Drone to save us all story- small business survival in the age of a modern pandemia. ... just saying.
    Cheers ~ stay healthy & strong.
  • MARCH 30th 2020: SPOT THE KILLER
    It's getting tougher to spot the killer.
    When you break quarantine, you put us all at risk.
    #stayhome #staysafe
    People from all different walks of life have been yearning for equal opportunity for decades, but this is NOT what we all had in mind.
    Please keep safe and healthy.
  • MARCH 30st 2020: WIPE IT DOWN!
    I've been reading that it's safe to order in from your trusted local restaurants. *supposedly* the covid19 may live on cardboard surfaces for upto 24hrs - so you know the drill... Wipe it down! Cheers, be safe & strong!
  • APRIL 1st 2020: NEVER CRUMBLE!
    Para mi querida, mi vida, mi corazón, mi esposa, mi mejor amigo, compañera de equipo y mi amor @iad.tap nuestro mundo interior nunca se derrumbarà. Te amo tanto ⚡💪❤⚡
    From billions and billions served and Closed til September to Open Drive up Community Testing Zones.
    Eitherway, I hope for the very best for all of us and hope we get to breathe in a fresh new day soon. ( and eat some burgers too!!) Cheers~ Be safe and strong.
  • APRIL 3rd 2020: HAVE A NICE DAY
    Seem like two totally contradicting suggestions but its all very much a #signofthetimes .
    Keep smiling under your masks, its the weekend! 😷😷😷
  • Estos días y semanas son nuestros para luchar contra el #coronavirus. Vamos a tener que hacerlo juntos pero practicando la distancia. Por tu familia, tu ciudad, tu país y nuestro continente, quédate en tu casa y si tienes que salir, ponte tu tapaboca.
    Espero que todos se cuiden, se laven las manos y que se porten bien durante esta cuarentena y nos curemos de este virus pronto! Un abrazo fuerte a todos y mucho exito!
    #somoslatam #lejosperounidos
    #workingtogether #lookingupwards
  • APRIL 7th 2020: PARA SALVAR
    Todo se trata de encontrar la fuerza, en cada uno de nosotros, para seguir las reglas. Es nuestra manera de ayudar a aquellos que luchan día a día contra este mal. Juntos hacemos la diferencia.
    👉Cuando uno tiene la fuerza para salvar millones, cumple la cuarentena.👈
    Abrazos en la distancia y se cuidan mucho!
  • APRIL 8th 2020: CUIDA EL PAN
    Continuando haciendo mi #artversuscovid19 series en vector. Aqui les traigo mi divertido #popart con un doble mensaje (PAN =bread= money) de una marca que se puede encontrar en cada casa Latina y que todos cuidamos para días de reserva.
    . "¡Sabes que te ha dicho tu abuela!
    Cuida el PAN y el pan te cuida a ti durante nuestra época de cuarentena." Un abrazo fuerte y cuidense!
  • APRIL 12th 2020: HAPPY EASTER DOC!
    To ALL the those folks braving it on the Medical Front Lines - Thank you & Happy Easter Doc!! Cheers, be safe and healthy!
    **feel free to share or send it to your special doc!"
    "Maximum Victory will be Ours!"
    Our fallen will always be remembered as we stand a top our nemesis.
    Keep safe and strong. And together we will get through this!

    "A Gauntlet Beyond Marvel Myth"
    A Parody and play on Words 😁 to help celebrate and support all Medical and Public Service Heroes who gear up each day. Cheers to you all! Keep Safe and Strong!
    ( YUP- Created this one so fast that morning that I had the "A and U" re-arrranged!)"

  • APRIL 18th 2020: SOON
    The first in a new #artversuscovid19 vector series about all the things my wife & I miss doing - which was our norm pre- pandemic... titled "SOON" .
    Stay Safe & Healthy~ Cheers

  • APRIL 20th 2020: VIGILANCE
    "Don't Mistaken Our Vigilance for Weakness." ...
    Sometimes having to be patient and wait things out is a better strategy than jeopardizing it all because of impatience. Its also best to take a moment to remember those on the front lines and those who we have lost.
    Cheers, enjoy and stay strong!

  • APRIL 20st 2020: BIG MISTAKE
    #bigmistake if everyone breaks Quarantine. #justsaying
  • APRIL 21st 2020: DYING TO GO
    I still can't believe people out there are willing to jeopardize the health of their communities...😤😕😤😕
    Cheers-stay safe, healthy and smart.
    (btw- when I first posted this on Instagram- I did it so fast I was totally forgot to include " TO" in the final line! - but its correct now! LOL!!)
  • A very simple daily philosophy that we ALL should adopt & respect.
  • APRIL 23th 2020:  RENE: HONOR HEROES
    I’ve partnered with #Adobe to honor our heroes. There are many folks braving the front lines of this pandemic. Some are very visible, but sometimes we don’t realize that they might be right before our very own eyes, ready to safeguard our family, our residence, our community while making the conscious decision to leave the safety of their loved ones momentarily. 
    I created “Adobe Heroes - Rene from Bogotà” to honor Rene - our vigilante portero here in Bogotà, Colombia. Rene is a retired police officer turned doorman who continues to make his presence known each day without any question or sign of weakness. Because he too is part of our family and our global community - and one of the many heroes among us.

    Now, I’d like to personally invite you to use your creativity to honor a hero in your life, those who keep our world turning. Share your creation with #HonorHeroes and tag @adobe . Let’s honor them and show the world how important they are to us.
    Click for more info.

    #messageoftheday :
    Lysol is a great CLEANING agent against topical bacteria/ germs or cleaning surfaces with its swipes to battle the #coronavirus.
    #livetofightanotherday 🙏

  • As I mentioned earlier, I will be continuing to add to my vector - artversuscovid19 series as much as I can until there is a valid vaccine or cure. And I encourage you to also create your own art and tag me or artversuscovid19 on instagram so I can share it with the rest of our creative community!

    Until then, We'll get through this together, even if we are miles apart!
    Cheers and stay well~

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