Nasdaq Annual Proxy Statement 2020

  • Nasdaq Proxy Statement 2020
    (Won 1st Place Award in 2020 Corporate Governance Awards for Best Large-Cap Proxy Statement)
  • A proxy statement is a statement required of a firm when soliciting shareholder votes, and is filed in advance of the annual meeting. When designing Nasdaq's 2020 Proxy Statement (around 150 pages), I considered the design system and grid, propelling the Nasdaq brand forward, and conceptualized a final product that turned ordinarily dry material into an elegant, compelling coffee-table style book. 
  • The cover artwork is an original illustration. It promotes the year and all the lines (which also adhere to the grid system within the book) represent different areas of Nasdaq's business, all of which come together to form a single, intricate, highly-functioning tech entity. It represents the classic yet modern force that embodies Nasdaq's identity.
  • There is a very tight grid system adhered to in this book, which actually gives a lot of freedom in pushing certain elements of the design forward while maintaining an engaging layout, like the bent stripes along the edge. 
  • The color palette in the book is simple, using only black and white, blue and green. The colors rotate through each section, and the ink bleeds off the sides, so when the book is closed, you can see the different sections clearly and find things easily. 
  • Stats, quotes, and every text element within has a predetermined and well-thought out hierarchy and treatment. 
  • Divider pages have their own treatment. They call out the section, but also subtly reference the section number with the number of bent vertical stripes on the page. 
  • Photo style is consistent, and the main colors within the headshots (clothing and background) all reflect the color scheme of the book. 
  • The cover was such a big hit with the execs and board of directors that we were asked to also produce merchandise for the Nasdaq employees to promote our brand.