Quarantine Diaries #3

  • Here goes my 15 minutes daily Worry Time:
    What if I run out of paper for crafts for the kid?
    What if my kid’s brain turns into porridge from watching too much TV?
    What if my kid bumps his head and we have to go to the ER?
    What if my husband and I get sick at the same time?
    What if I lose the will to clean the house up for 3 consecutive days?
    What if my husband starts seeing me as a man because of my gorilla hands from washing?
    What if I develop agoraphobia after staying in the house for this long?
    What if I’m raising my kid to have OCD with this constant hand washing?
    What if we never get the ventilators on time?
    What if I run out of wine, anxiety meds and coffee?
    What if …
  • Photo reference by H. Armstrong Roberts.