Laranja Body & Bath Set

  • Laranja Body & Bath Set
    Branding / Packaging / Product Design
    School Project-2019
    Pratt Institute
    Professor: Alisa Zamir

    The Portuguese word “Laranja” which means orange is chosen as the brand name because the whole set of products are made of orange. To strengthen the sense of the ingredients, both the form and graphic of the package system are inspired by the fruit. For example, abstract illustrations of the plant including its fruits, leaves, flowers, seeds and splashed juice are used as graphics on the package. Besides, the form of the bottles for shower gel, lotion, and the glass diffuser are inspired by the segments of an orange.

    Angular shapes are used on the package of every product as the main design language. These shapes are able to increase friction, making the bottles less slippery and making the jar easier to open. The right side of the bottle is slightly thicker than the left side, suitable for the shape of human hands, according to Ergonomic. Although the package of shower gel and lotion have the same form, the shower gel bottle has texture on its angular sides. This texture can remind people of the texture on orange peels and to help people differentiate the two products through touch in the hazy environment full of water vapor.

    In order to reduce the waste of resources and protect the environment, the components of the package are constructed by recycled plastic, glass and orange peels, while the secondary package is made of recycled paper. The orange peels are hardened through a process of molding, baking, and drying, and then covered by water-based UV coating. Components made of this material are totally biodegradable and can give out a refreshing orange aroma.​​​​​​​

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