• Nasdaq Sales Kickoff 2020
    Design Explorations: Transformation
    For this annual conference, the Design Team at Nasdaq ideates several full-fledged branding directions designed to excite and inspire the attendees. It is also an avenue to push our brand forward, while staying within our brand guidelines. There are two directions within this project, both going along with the theme of "Transformation". 
  • Direction 1: Ripping
    This direction explored the concept of rips; tearing away the old to reveal the new. Using bold colors and gradients, merged with the clean look of the white space with gold edges and gold lettering, it projects the Nasdaq brand in a high-end, modern way while referencing data and tech. 
  • Holding slide
  • Agendas; cover art flows seamlessly from front to back
  • Direction 2: Old v. New
    This year, the SKO took place in New Orleans. This direction explores bringing in the New Orleans vibe and merging it with our brand. It combines graphic elements with 3D objects, a very prominent design trend of 2020. At the Renaissance Hotel, where several of the events take place, there are Roman statues in a very modern space, which inspired the idea of meshing old objects with new objects. Each 'old' object relates to the 'new' object they are found on. For instance, the hotel key has an actual old hotel key printed on it in a modern way. 
  • Holding slide
  • Directional signage with compass 
  • Room key with actual key
  • Wifi sign with old computer
  • Coasters with water stains
  • Agendas with hourglasses