2019 SciFiNow Mag- Edgar Allan Poe- Vector Commission

  • Here's my latest commission for SciFiNow magazine's December issue dedicated to the American Horror writer / Author - the Great Edgar Allan Poe!
  • It was a very quick turn around but always so much fun to collaborate with the team over at SciFiNow and the Poster Posse!  Here's the vector sketch to concept 1 below...
  • Wanted to do something abit kind of 80's -ish- almost as if the cover to "Poe's Greatest Hits"...LOL! Here's the vector shapes in outline mode, followed by a look at the anchor points. ** reminder- All 100% created only using Adobe Illustrator on my ZbookX2 + Z4 workstation - ZbyHP.
  • Here';s the actual vector sketch for the second concept. A bit more ghastly and paying homage to two of Poe's greatest stories- The RAVEN and The BLACK CAT.
  • Here's the vector outline of the final cover art, followed by the anchor point view.
  • And here's the final published vector illustration!
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