2019 Golden Pin Design Award Open

  • Golden Pin Design Award 
    Opening Film

  • Bito wants to inspire the design community to take urgent action for sustainability by following #SDGs. We believe that positivity is essential to overcoming this apocalyptic challenge we all face together, and therefore he calls it a “Gala”, linking it together with the time “23:59” to signify the last moment before a new dawn.

    The blue bird is like human, undertaking the pressure by severe changes on earth. “23:59” is ticking, do designers really have a chance to change this?

  • Styleframes

  • The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. The 17 Goals are all interconnected, and in order to leave no one behind, it is important that we achieve them all by 2030. 

  • Behind the Scenes

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    Directed by Bito
    Client:台灣創意設計中心 Taiwan Design Center
    Creative Director:劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu
    Copy Director:黃心怡 Vicki Huang
    Design Director:莊宜蓁 Jen Chuang
    Art Director:蘇暉凱 Hui-Kai Su
    Producer : 劉妤暄 Tammy Liu
    Assistant Producer : 林妍欣 Freda Lin
    Ideation:劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu / 黃心怡 Vicki Huang / 蘇暉凱 Hui-Kai Su / 王璿甯 Hsuan-Nin Wang / 呂秉真 Binbin Lu / 謝鎮璘 Chen-Lin Hsieh / 
                    邵偉豪 Wei-Hao Shao / 蔡易廷 Eating Tsai
    Design:蘇暉凱 Hui-Kai Su / 王璿甯 Hsuan-Nin Wang / 呂秉真 Binbin Lu / 謝鎮璘 Chen-Lin Hsieh / 邵偉豪 Wei-Hao Shao / 蔡易廷 Eating Tsai /
                   郭怡辰 Yi-Chen Kuo / 賴又綺 Lai-Yu Chi
    Storyboard:蘇暉凱 Hui-Kai Su / 呂秉真 Binbin Lu / 邵偉豪 Wei-Hao Shao
    Cel Animation: 呂秉真 Binbin Lu / 林晉葦 Allen Lin / 黃耀邦 Huang Yao Pang / 蔡易廷 Eating Tsai / 盧丁衣 Ding-Yi Lu
    Painting Artist:王璿甯 Hsuan-Nin Wang / 蕭惠心 Huei-Sin Xiao / 蔡香蘭 Hsiang-Lan Tsai / 周依汝 Yi-Ju Chou
    Animation: 蘇暉凱 Hui-Kai Su / 黃省元 Olaola Yuan / 黃鈺凱 Steve Huang / 邵偉豪 Wei-Hao Shao / 王璿甯 Hsuan-Nin Wang / 謝鎮璘 Chen-Lin Hsieh
    3D animation: 蘇暉凱 Hui-Kai Su / 邵偉豪 Wei-Hao Shao / 黃鈺凱 Steve Huang / 高慶和 Chin Ho Kao / 游家廳 Chia-Ting yu / 張雅惠 Ya-Hui Chang /                           詹游丞 Yo-Cheng Chan / 賴姮鳴 Henmi Lai
    Editing:蘇暉凱 Hui-Kai Su
    CG Character Animation
    CG Supervisor: 黃思豪 Triston Huang
    Pipeline TD: 賴大維 David Lai
    Rigging: 許博翔 Skywalker Xu
    Animation: 石均宇 Stone Shih
    Modeling & Texturing: 林哲孝 Tommy Lin
    Music & Sound Design: 韓承燁 Cheng-Yeh Han
    Special thanks: 陳世霖 Shih-Lin Chen (Cellist)

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