Miami - 2019

  • These photos were taken over a period of 4 days in Miami - from December 2nd through December 5th as part of a workshop led by Nikos Economopoulos.
  • During the first phase of the workshop, I focused on shooting people on the street and I was making some okay photos, but Nikos noticed that I always had these extra photos every day that had no people in them. I wouldn't have shown these photos to him, but in the workshop, he looked at every single frame we shot.

    I had always taken shots like this, but I had never considered them to be real photos. However, he felt that they were interesting and had a very similar quality to each other, so he encouraged me to pursue it further and not worry about including people in my photographs.

    For the remaining days, I just shot things that caught my eye while keeping in mind his criteria for balanced and readable images that I absorbed from watching him review hundreds of images from each of the twelve photographers in the workshop each morning.

    Also, the level of the other photographers was very high and it was such an inspiring experience. It was my first photography workshop and I wasn't sure if it would be worthwhile, but I would highly recommend it to someone who would like to learn a lot about making better images in a short amount of time.