JUVA Pharmaceutical

  • JUVA Pharmaceutical
    Identity System, Primary + Secondary Packaging, and Photography Concepts
    JUVA is a company specializing in the production and distribution of advanced pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Product development concentrates on the treatment of sun damage to the skin, cellular degradation of the face, and other cosmetic advancements such as an adipose stem cell injection derived from the patients fat tissue. 
    These highly efficacious products and kits, available only for leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons, needed an identity that reflected advanced scientific research and strict quality standards, while maintaining luxurious beauty at it's core. Designs are compliant with GMP, national and international quality standards, with a focus in preventative counterfeiting to insure quality control and authenticity in over 26 countries. Branded imagery concepts extend these sensibilities too create a brand experience throughout client waiting areas and locations.