• Fourth Dimension
  • Electronic Pre-Press Class Project:
    Our objective was to create a 16 page layout based on any topic of our choosing for routine pre-flight inspection. Stylistic design improvements were suggested throughout the process as the class checked each others files for errors.
  • First Iteration: variety of spreads
    These are some spreads from the first iteration of the magazine. Significant revisions occurred throughout the design process to obtain the end product.
  • Final Version: Cover
    I created the image seen by rendering out 3 different versions of my 3D modeled lead character.  One with the model's wire-frame visible.  One was rendered without any visible textures.  One was modeled with Ptex textures visible.  The images were then aligned in Photoshop and systematically erased to reveal the depth of the modeling process.
  • Final Version: 1st Spread
    Icons were created to delineate sections of the magazine to provide added visual cues. Titles were generated for each section followed by an explanation of what each section was about. The visual system would eventually be learned by subscribers of the magazine. The project required that 2 ads be present in the final product, so for my first ad I choose an indispensable tool for all digital artists, the tablet.
  • Final Version: 2nd Spread or Polygon Paragon
    This section of the magazine is dedicated to 3D modeling techniques.  The sub-head reads: a modeling style for each day of the week.  The layout was designed to allude to a calendar with each section denoting a different style of 3D modeling.
  • Final Version: 3rd Spread or Cartographer's Corner
    This section of the magazine is dedicated to texture map creation.  Another required aspect of the project was to include at least 3 sidebars, which I eventually created using vertical bands of color.  The color chosen corresponds to the section it finds itself in to reinforce the sections subject matter.
  • Final Version: 4th Spread or Frame by Frame
    This section of the magazine is dedicated to animation techniques in 3D programs.  The second side bar appears, highlighting a specific application that assists in the acceleration of animating. 
  • Final Version 5th Spread or Lights, Camera, Action
    This section of the magazine is dedicated to lighting and rendering in 3D applications.  3 point lighting is considered in the main text, while the 3rd sidebar discusses a third party rendering software available as a plug in for main 3D applications.
  • Final Version: 6th Spread or Featured Artist
    I chose an artist that is inspirational to me, Marek Denko, who I would considered the Rembrant of 3D modeling for the immense skill that he demonstrates with lighting.  His images are the only ones in the magazine that do not reach the bleed marks, calling them out as significant from all the other images.
  • Final Version: 7th Spread or 3D Gallery
    A theme of sci-fi/fantasy was chosen to demonstrate the power of 3D modeling applications to bring the imaginary into reality.
  • Final Version: Back Cover
    The 2nd ad graces the back of the magazine, and its content is the previously discussed third party rendering software in the Lights, Camera, Action section of the magazine.