Egyptian Matches Packaging

  • Safety Matches " أعواد ثقاب " are tales of Egyptian people illustrated from various real tales made with love, each matchbox has a story. The objective was to make Egyptian matches to represent the Egyptian people who can use it proudly.
  • Sketches
  • The Tailor
    Tahiyya started working on one sewing machine at her home at Faqous. Then she was able to establish her own workshop with ten sewing machines, and ten interns whom she has helped to become professionals at sewing. Now her workshop also makes accessories and bags, and the profit goes to everyone working there. She also helps the women working in her workshop by allowing them to make their own separate profit by working on her sewing machines without charging them.

  • The Rababa Player 
    Kenawy, the rababa player from Asyut , travels back from Cairo every week after collecting its return. He used to be a worker 
    in the high dam project,and after the project was completed,he decided to work in the field of art and sell rababa instruments
     to meet the needs of his family in Asyut.

  • Sweet Potato seller
    Haj Ibrahim, sweet potatoes seller who lives in Al Zaytoun district in Cairo,
    wanders around the streets from 6 am till 10 pm. A profession that he has inherited from his father and grandfather.
    He hopes to be able to spread and wander more areas by buying a tricycle to make it easier for him..And he talks about his dreams, 
    hoping that his kids would take on the same profession someday as it will help them live a decent life.

  • The Pottery Maker
    Om Abdo, from Greis village, works in the field of pots and pottery.
    She had to work in that field after her husband has passed away. She was able to gain a lot of profit from this profession,
    to educate her children so that they can complete her journey in that rare industry. 
    As she always says “an educated pottery maker is better than an ignorant one”