RAYA - Brand Identity

  • RAYA
    Aloes & Perfumes Est

    Brand Name: RAYA ريّا​​​​​​​
    Perfumes, Selling Oud, Saffron & Derivatives Products.

    Company Vision and Goal:
    Restructuring the trade of Oud and its derivatives through innovative products and modern marketing methods, and be pioneers in this field by making a heavy brand name.


    To reach a logo with a strong personality, and at the same time indicates the goal of the company that it wants to deliver from the logo "Reformulate the products and present them with a new innovative template".
    We've harmonized the letter " ر " with the letter " ا " and distributed the points from the letter " ي " to reach a coherent and distinctive logo.
  • Logo Construction
  • Logo English&Arabic
  • The logo is an ambigram — readable at 0 and 180 degrees — that spells "ريا". The “أ” gets a little squeezed and starts to look like an “ر”.
  • Primary Colors
  • Secondary Colors
  • The logo is flexible enough to allow us to shape it in different ways for different uses and this has plenty of potentials to bring in varied styles.
  • Sample Templates