EDGE - Education for a Generation

  • Concept Design for Public Awareness Campaign
    EDGE (Education for a Generation) was a concept design for a social awareness campaign encouraging kids to graduate high school.  This campaign aims to provide actual numbers and information about how finishing high school will make a calculable impact on the rest of a child's life.  
    The campaign focuses on the universal trait that all school children seem to encounter - gum on the bottom of their desks, their chairs, their lockers.  Turns out - that chair is probably the most valuable one you'll ever sit on.
  • This is an in-school poster/infographic to show facts about the effects of dropping out of high school.  I visited a sixth-grade class in Philadelphia and had them participate by taking a sticker of gum, sticking it to the poster, and signing it as a pledge to finish high school.  Pictures of the event below.
  • A direct mail piece meant to be sent to local businesses appealing to them to join the Local Business Internship program. It unfolded and then asked for participation along with a piece of gum.
  • Promotional gum and packages.
  • I designed and built these two websites - this is a sampling.  The ones with the gum are the main website for the EDGE "Stick With It" campaign.  The site on the bottom right is a tool for parents and teachers to communicate about their child's progress on a weekly basis.  It provides tips for parents to continue the learning at home based on the child's development.
  • This iPhone game is a reminder to kids about the EDGE program, but also to encourage better behavior by asking them to pick up as many pieces as possible.  
  • These are all applications of the posters in public transporation hubs in NYC.