Space 101 Conference Posters

  • This student project was developed as part of the Visual Communications 1 class in the Graduate Communications Design program at Pratt Institute NYC. We had to come up with a three-day conference about any controversial topic. Being very interested in space exploration and theories, I decided to choose the Origin of  Universe as my topic. After choosing the topic, we had to create the content for the conference, including date, location and speakers. 
  • Mission Statement: 

    Where did we came from? How did the Universe come into being? Are we alone in the universe? Is there intelligent life out there? What challenges will mankind face in the future?

    Join some of the most relevant people trying to find answers to these questions and make this information accessible, not just to people immersed in the fields of astronomy and cosmology, but to everyone interested and willing to learn. Raging from a variety of fields of studies, points of views and personal beliefs, the speakers will address these controversial topics in an easy to digest matter.