Brand & Creative Development

  • Creatively developed the overall LWF brand and responsible for making the brand visually come alive by delivering unique experiential branded events (Hands-On development & Implementation).

    In charge of conceptualizing, art directing and overseeing the production of it's annual sports/entertainment events, making the brand established in the industry and among consumers.
    Increased user motivation and brand awareness by taking action via visual strategies through T.V., Online Campaigns & Experiential Marketing, generating and maximizing web site traffic & social media growth.

    Brand positioning & implementation across all platforms (T.V., Web, Print, Social & OOH ). 
    Designed, directed and supervised all marketing media placement in traditional and new media, delivering high levels of advertising revenue, as well as high levels of ROI for advertising partners.

  • T.V. SPOT

  • Storyboard

  • Web Design & Development
    with Social Media Integration.


  • Unification of Leagues Tournament
    Print Ad Campaign & Poster.



  • Museo de la Lucha Libre Logo
    Museum of Wrestling Corporate Identity.