ENCODE: Empathy and Collaboration Design

  • Encode is a design methodology that discusses everything involved in a graphic design project, from what is the real role of graphic designers, tips on how to manage a team, what questions to ask, description of insightful activities and practices on how to provide your team with valuable feedback. Moreover, this kit was created around the idea that there is no true creativity in graphic design without relevance and purpose, and that the only way of achieving these is by creating a true connection with your client and your client's client, making them creative partners, not passive employers.
  • This methodology has no intention to discuss design aesthetics or specific productive techniques, as these are matters that evolve problem solving. This paper focuses on problem defining, a step back, and how can we achieve creative, authentic and innovative outcomes as Designers by rethinking our relationships with our work, our methods, our peers and our clients.
  • The toolkit consists of: 

    two books: volume 1 and 2 (the former is focused on research, documentation of my journey and a collage of amazing thinkers thesis around design. The latter is a guide, with a step-by-step process created to provide graphic design projects with purpose, empathy, organization and creativity). And two posters: one illustrating the complete process, displaying main activities, the purpose of each phase and the groups involved.
  • Icons represent the 7 phases presented in the methodology.
  • Each activity displayed in the book is supported by a real-life case study.
  • If you are interested in reading and/or applying this methodology, please contact me trough my website thinkgabriel.com. I will be happy to share with you the pdfs or even a printed version of the guide. 
  • You can buy or read the book online for free here: