Watercolors for Papua Explorers - Part 1

  • #PapuaExplorersSeaLife

    I am honoured to be a part of this project for Papua Explorers Diving Resort in the heart of Raja Ampat, in Indonesian Papua. I will be documenting the amazing sea life of Raja Ampat continuously for this Eco Friendly resort and hopefully during the process help raise awareness about the amazing jey are doing to preserve marine diversity for the future of our kids.

    We visited this incredibly, mind-blowingly beautiful and serene resort in Christmas 2018 and I instantly fell in love. Apart from the natural beauty, what the owners of this resort are doing to protect the coral reefs and marine diversity is amazing. Just as an example: Their Coral Gardeners, who are local community members, are trying to restore Yaf Keru by planting broken pieces of corals in small underwater gardens to create new reefs. Please visit their website if you want more information on what they are doing at the moment as these coral gardens are not their only project.

  • Green Sea Turtle - Chelonia mydas
  • Giant Manta Ray - Manta birostris
  • Bicolour Parrot Fish - Cetoscarus ocellatus
  • Blue-girdled Angelfish - Pomacanthus navarchus
  • Copperband Butterflyfish - Chelmon rostratus