• -------A sharing bookshelf
  • Rotate and Share
    What can I think of being put between two rooms? Some hooks for hanging, shelves settling books, and boxes for extra something might all be good ideas of sharing. Think about to change my beloved books with a person next door, or to trade some hung fashion items into my new look. What do I expect to see in the end? All of them!!!
  • Concept of Design
    You can rotate the bookshelf to share the books with others who live next door to you. Set this bookshelf in the wall which is between your rooms to save more space. Otherwise, there are extra two boxes and some hangers for putting some stuff. There are different sizes of shelves for you to arrange. You can put across for books, or set it straight to be bookends.
  • Press and Honor
    - Participate in 2009 Taiwan Designer Week
    - Chosen by 2009 Excellent Design Collection
    - iF concept award 2010 pre-selection 300
    - pressed by Yanko Design as “Sharing is Caring