• -------A divider, space, scenarios
  • What do we both have in rooms?
    Something we might share?
    The alarm clock: wakes us up at the same time
    The calendar: helps us know schedule of each other
    The clock: tells us time for sure
    The speakers: let us rock together
    The closet: borrows the clothing in need or exchanges for fun
    The table: is always nice to have a table for two


    What are the scenarios in rooms?
    Imagine the apartment you rent with both working and resting areas combining. Have you ever glimpsed of your bed while working, and couldn't help but been attracted by it? Have you ever suddenly been awake and found out your busy desk filled with unfinished tasks was right in front of your face? Don’t worry. All we need is a divider to separate the different scenarios in our single room.
  • After deciding what the shapes of the pattern, the function of each panel was set up. There is the one with string all over, the one with opened space, and the one with a pocket. It all depends on how you want to use them.
  • Process of model making
    Make a file with the shape of X-structures which were divided equally into 4 pieces. Laser cut the file with MDF boards. Glue 11 pieces together to make a ¼ of the X-structure. The carpenter of Dong-Long Workshop helped me make some guide boards for curve-cut of X-structures, and he operated the bandsaw. Use Wood Filler and MDF Primer to smooth the surface of X-structures one by one. Then Mr. Wu, the painter sprayed paints them in white. Model the connection balls and comb-like structures in Pro/Engineer. The staff of Han-Pin CNC Factory set up files and run the machine. Cut ABS sticks into certain length, and sand one side rounded with sandpapers. Insert sticks into the holes of comb-like structure individually. The staff of Han-Pin CNC Factory sprayed paints them in the color of PANTONE 380U.
  • Arrange “Separation” by a simple motion, insertion. Add more X-structures to broaden the height and length of the divider.
  • Concept of Design
    The SEPARATION is a modern room divider for singles. For singles, there are usually working and leisure place combining in a room. After setting up the SEPARATION, the two kinds of lifestyle will be divided. Therefore, the users can both concentrate on their tasks and fully take a break during the spare time. Since there are different functions of planes which can be settled on the SEPARATION, the users can arrange their own dividers.
  • We held a degree show on campus and participated in Taiwan Young Designers Exhibition happened at World Trade Center in Taipei City. Judges of Taiwan Young Designers Competition came to critique Separation. I’m very thankful since my adviser and professors gave me good suggestion during the whole design process. My family and friends showed up to give me congratulations. The most important thing is YOU are always my supporter.
  • Press and Honor
    - Participate in 2010 Taiwan Young Designers Exhibition
    - Won 2 special awards from Taiwan Young Designers Competition
    - Chosen by Design*Sponge as “10 finalists of 2010 Scholarship Voting