• ------- A desk for home office
  • Moats surround castles, palaces and cities to protect and provide privacy. HEM offers you a domain working area and blocks out distractions from surroundings. Each component serves as a different role on the desk guarding its own duty. 
  • Each component served as a different role on the desk guarding its own duty. There was a panel that a power strip could sit in along with cords management system. The groove on the wood top and a back panel provided a display area of books. The digital devices could also place on the other panel next to it.
  • After some different versions of computer modeling, panels and legs were adjusted into the perfect proportion. 
  • This piece is a combination of wood and metal. I chose white oak planks at a lumber yard, and used biscuit joints to connect them into a plane. Some details on the top and all the edges were done by the CNC machine in my school. A large size wood dwells were cut by a table saw into 4 pieces as the legs. To not lose too much of their original colors, I decided to pickle them lightly by using water-based white wash, and spray the clear code wood finish after. The metal frame of the desk which is made out of angled aluminum and was wielded by an shop instructor of my school. All the metal panels around the desk were water jet cut by Industrial Metal Supply and powder coated by Leovardo Powder Coating Inc.