2013 New York Yankees Premium Season Tickets

  • After the 2012 season, the New York Yankees were looking for a new angle for their 2013 campaign. The previous year focused on tradition, highlighting some of the greatest moments in Yankees history. As the team began looking toward a new era, it seemed fitting to highlight the parallel between the greatest team in professional sports and the greatest city in the world, New York City. 

    'A New York Legacy' became the theme for the campaign. With all the hype surrounding the Brooklyn Nets along with the renewed success of the Rangers and Knicks, this felt like an important time for the Yankees to truly re-claim New York.

    The 2013 Premium tickets feature 12 of the top Yankees paired with iconic, New York City landmarks. Each also feature original messaging tying back to the theme 'A New York Legacy'

    Ticket Design, Collateral
    Creative Director: Edward M O'Hara
    Art Director: Mark Migliorelli
    Sr Designer: Kerry Paul