Unidos por Cabo Delgado

  • Unidos por Cabo Delgado
  • Fund Raising Campaign [Together for Cabo Delgado]
    The aim was to create awareness and raise funds to aid the communities affected by terrorist attacks and hurricane damages in the north of Mozambique. A Jazz Festival was organized with proceeds reverting to the fund raising, t-shirts were sold at the festival and stickers were for sale out on the streets by young volunteers. The visual for this cause spreads around town giving visibility to this matter, the message reflects the solidarity for the communities affected: by supporting the cause people show their concern and their will to help.
  • Making the jazz festival 'BaĆ­a do Jazz' (Jazz Bay) the main fundraising event for the cause 'Unidos por Cabo Delgado' (Together for Cabo Delgado) the goal was to create an insignia that could be applied to stickers, t-shirts, etc.
    The concept explored had to be simple and bold, eye catching but uncomplicated, that would resonate with the people in Mozambique. The visual is based on a helping hand, reaching out, hands converging to each other laid out in a composition that suggests the peace symbol.