• Bomb Kimchi
    Package_Design /// Spring_2013
  • The second project for our Package Design 2 class, we were asked to develop an ethnic food line. It was obvious for me to do something Korean, due to my cultural background but I wanted to break away from the conventional, tacky, and confusing packaging that are usually associated with Korean products. My goal was to create a welcoming, youthful design that will entice the customer to give kimchi a chance. We had the freedom to come up with a fictional story and design appropriately. 
    Straight from his kitchen in Brooklyn, student Christopher Lee started making his own kimchi to save money and to avoid the outlandish/overinflated kimchi prices in his local asian market. One day, he thought of a brilliant idea to start selling his own artisanal kimchi to make ends meet. And he named it, Bomb Kimchi. 
    Products - Napa Cabbage Kimchi, Green Onion Kimchi, Kimchi Kit (Fish Sauce & Chile Powder)
  • Inspiration - Mood Board
  • Sketches
  • Type/Logo Exploration
  • Final Logo
  • Bomb Kimchi Product Line & Labels
  • Bomb Kimchi Family
  • Green Onion Kimchi & Bomb Kimchi Kit
  • Super Hot Chile Powder