Ritual Brand, Packaging, and Website Design

  • Ritual is new kind of health technology company that’s reinventing the products that women use every single day. Their debut product—an essential daily vitamin—boasts completely traceable and transparent ingredients so you know exactly what you’re swallowing.

    I first met founder Kat Schneider while I was a consultant in New York. She was looking for soup-to-nuts creative vision and execution for the brand identity, website, packaging and art direction. There was much to do so I brought on a friend and fellow designer, Jess Yan, to help build out Ritual's launch alongside me. As Ritual grew, I led all creative fronts as Creative Director to help scale the company and fortify the brand and customer journey. I’m continuing to build Ritual today as consultant on high-level initiatives and campaigns.

    Photographed by Stephanie Gonot and Kathryna Hancock.