• Wing & Weft Campaign Assets
    Adobe Live

    Adobe Live is a content series featuring artists and designers making work live with Creative Cloud. I was invited to participate in the March 2019 Photoshop live stream and used the opportunity to work on campaign assets for Wing & Weft gloves.

    Wing & Weft is the oldest glove maker in New York City, making custom fashion for Broadway designers, stylists, and celebrities. I wanted to create a social assets that mirrored the playful creative energy of their products.

    The live stream details my design process, from concept to execution. Photo composites were created using images shot with David Ayllon and featuring props I fabricated for the project. You can see the entire live stream archived on Adobe Live

    Day 1 →​​​​​​​ Day 2 →​​​​​​​ Day 3

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