• Kashin
    Portfolio for architect & interior designer

  • Skylarking
    Handmade silver jewerelly in Cowes, United Kingdom

  • 对撞机
    Men's grooming. Created for Redis

  • iPort
    Apple Premium Reseller. Refreshed old concept for pitch. Created for Aidem

  • Education platform from New York City

  • TrustInn
    Stylish appartments for rent in Israel. Created for Humbleteam.

  • Barclays
    Premier League Trophy. Created for gotIT Digital

  • Online wallet, acquiring, terminals etc. Created for M2H Agency

  • Yandex Music
    Music streaming service. Refreshed test task for Yandex

  • Siberian Sturgeon Caviar made in Sweden

  • Elevate Systems
    Engineering & technology colnsulting company. Created for Humbleteam.

  • Mercaux
    Platform that aims to transform offline retail. Test task 

  • Motion Designer & Art Director

  • Ducati
    Motorcycle-manufacturing from Italy

  • Financial service that combines banking, commerce and lifestyle. Created for Humbleteam.

  • Piranha
    Nextgen automotive photography

  • Humbleteam.
    Design & Development studio in Prague

  • Scentbird
    Subscrtiption based perfume program in New York City

  • Gulf 
    Trading and financing company. Created for Humbleteam.

  • Truebill
    Budget planner and bill tracker. Created for Humbleteam.

  • Taste At Home
    Russian igredient and recipe make kit service. Created for Func.

  • Prices
    Concept: $200-350 (1-3 scrolls)                                    Landing page: $500-1200 (up to 12 scrolls)
    Promo website: $1200-2000 (3-7 pages)                      Corporate website: $1200-3500 (up to 25 pages)

    gavrilperov.ru                          gavril@my.com