Bread Ventures - Rebranding Proposal A.

  • A B O U T
    B R E A D   V E N T U R E S

    Why “Bread”?
    "We take half baked ideas + prepare them for market."

    Social Entrepreneurship is a catalyst for impact. BREAD invests and supports numerous initiatives and serves on a variety of not for profit advisory boards. Our community of alliances include: Echoing Green, Ashoka, Acumen, One Goal Graduation, SHOFCO, The Glass House, and The Park Avenue Armory.

  • The core concept is coming from the "dough" to make different kinds of breads. All the identity items represent the softness and flexibility of dough, on the other hand, they are keen to a creative/ design agency & ventures as well.

    The ability to meet the needs from different clients and bake the wonderful outcomes is extremely important for Bread Ventures. They are not only help their clients solve the problems, they are investors to create partnerships with companies and start-ups that have huge potential to be good to the society we live in.

  • Left photo by Salomé Watel on Unsplash & Right photo by Nadya Spetnitskaya on Unsplash