Flatland Book Design

  • How would a creature limited to two dimensions be able to grasp the possibility of a third? Edwin A. Abbott's droll and delightful "romance of many dimensions" explores this conundrum in the experiences of his protagonist, A Square, whose linear world is invaded by an emissary Sphere bringing the gospel of the third dimension. Part geometry lesson, part social satire, this classic work of science fiction brilliantly succeeds in enlarging all readers' imaginations beyond the limits of their "respective dimensional prejudices." 

    — Synopsis from the Oxford University Press 2006 edition.
  • This project was developed during my Type 2 class as part of the Graduate MS Communications Design program at Pratt Institute in NYC.
    I decided to redesign the novel Flatland, written by Edwin Abbott in 1884. This project consisted in the design of a special collectors edition. It includes the actual book divided in “Part 1: Of this world” and “Part 2: Of other worlds”, each with a different design corresponding to the content. It also includes a poster and a small stand-alone decoration piece. 

    Note: Part 2 coming soon.