T-Frame Backpack

  • The T-Frame Backpack, a transformable bag that can go from back to bike
  • The T-Frame Backpack is a small bag that can be connected to a bicycle frame or worn as a backpack. This allows the user to travel without having to wear the backpack on his/her back while riding a bicycle. The bag provides room for bicycle locks, keys, phones, glasses, a water bottle, snacks, and small riding gear. The bag is made of water resistant heavy weight nylon cordura, reflective 3m material, and nylon straps. 
  • The Bag can be trnasformed into a triangle bike bag using velcro straps. These straps are attached to the backpack straps and can be pulled away from the strap when the user wishes to attach the bag to the bike frame. The straps can be wrapped around the frame at four points, to provide stability. Because the straps use velcro, the bag can fit on many different frames. When the bag has been successfully attached at all four corners, the backpack straps can be tucked into a back pocket.