Album Redesign Project

  • Album Redesign Project
  • This project focused on taking an existing album, and redesigning the cover and other merch pieces like the dust jacket, vinyl label, CD cover, poster, booklet, and T-shirts. The finished project consisted of the printed album jacket, vinyl cover, booklet, 12x26 poster and the completed files for the CD cover, CD jacket, and T-shirt. The entire project was due within the span of three weeks.
  • The Vinyl Album
  • I chose a glossy medium weight paper for the booklet and vinyl jacket after performing test prints with matte medium weight paper and photo paper. The matte paper didn't allow for the vibrant colors of the design to show through and had issues with bleeding. The photo paper was too prone to scratching and too heavy to allow for a good book binding.The vinyl jacket was printed on matte paper to create a good contrast between the jacket and booklet.
  • Merchandise
  • The finished 12x26 poster.
  • The poster print was limited to a matte paper due to the sheer size of the piece.
  • The Booklet
  • The booklet was created using variations of the album artwork. It featured a full page center illustration that was printed on a clear plastic and placed over the two page spread of one of the booklet pages. I wanted to experiment with the different materials that could be printed on at my school.