Posters for a Cause

  • More than Just A Cute Face.
  • The finished poster, sized 36x24 was printed on matte paper and mounted on foamcore for display.
  • Posters For a Cause is a fundraiser in which designers create a poster and a brochure that is displayed in the Grand Central branch of the New York Public Library (NYPL) to champion social Issues. The non-profit chosen was The Orphan Kitten Club, a nursery for neonate and special needs kittens.
  • Utilizing a typography-based design was a must. The kitten illustration is composed of facts about the at-risk populations of neonate kittens in shelters.
  • The design needed to be eye catching and readable so focus was put on the color and contrast between the background and text. Test prints were done on a glossy finish, matte finish and photo paper. The final design was printed on matte due to the fluorescent lighting of the building and to create focus on the color contrast of the text.
  • The Orphan Kitten Club Brochure
  • The brochure needed to be concise informative and immediately associated with the poster. I chose a medium weight matte paper for printing.