Template for PhotoLab & SpaceX

  • I developed a photomask on the theme of space for the PhotoLab application. The idea is that my friends love space and everything related to SpaceX. This is a bright and cheerful photomask, and at the same time it reflects the spirit of innovation and non-standard creativity. He's as cocky as my grandma, who wears Versaces in her kitchen. This photomask is remarkable for the fact that both young faces and the elderly are perfectly combined. Add brutality to your little son and make you 10 years younger.
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  • This is Justin Timberlake, he woke up in the morning and first of all he introduced himself as an astronaut
  • This is me, ate a grapefruit
  • This is Brad Pitt, he is before shooting his new movie about space, he is very serious
  • Egor Creed here looks like a real man
  • This is a beautiful girl astronaut
  • Vladimir Putin endorses
  • And where are you?