Rêve Flottant | fragrance design

  • Rêve Flottant
    Rêve Flottant | fragrance type: Floral
    Rêve Flottant means floating dreams, the package is the dreams catcher, rounds the bottle gently.

    calabria bergamot
    peach · damascus rose
    jasmine · white musk

    She is a distant but clear memory, who is beautiful, desirable, and fascinating. She is in front of his eyes but unable to touch. She whispered in his ear before leaving, but he only felt her skirt slipping. The fresh Calabria bergamot brings a shallow dream and then comes with the long-lasting peach and Damascus rose, enlivened by jasmine and white musk.

    Distribution: Bloomingdales
    Target customers: 25-35, urban woman.
    They work hard, but also enjoy life; urban elite also have sweet and fantasy dreams. they wear the fragrance before sleeping, dating, or during daydreams.

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