• This project is inspired by reading Ways of Seeing, which is written by John Berger in 1972. In page 64, John stated that “Choose from this book an image of a traditional nude. Transform the woman into a man. Either in your mind’s eye or by drawing on the reproduction. Then notice the violence which that transformation does. Not to the image, but to the assumption of a likely viewer.

    I found this statement very interesting so I chose some traditional and modern nude paintings and I did the transformation. Then I found that in this era, living in NYC, as a viewer, you won’t find any violence in these male figures. I think that every viewer can still find beauty in these transformation figures.

  • I guess John Berger couldn’t imagine that LGBT community would become so flourishing today. That’s not his fault. But this situation now made this article somehow out-dated and obsolete, even a little bit biased. ​​​​​​​

  • Personally, I don’t see any violence when these characters are transformed in to male. I really enjoy this transforming but I felt so sad adding penis on these beautiful women. Maybe because I’m a straight guy. After all the transformation, I found that all of them can form a spectacular scene, just like a gay party. I used to be very close to a gay friend so I went to gay bars so many times. Their gestures assembles to these beautiful female figures. By the way, if you only see these figures’ face with “male-hair-style” I add for them, you would find that it’s not strange at all in today’s perspective. Many women today have this kind of hair cut.

  • Thanks for watching