Florida Bakery 福利麵包

  • 福利麵包自1949年創立至今,始終秉持著相同初衷,為消費者提供市場上少見的烘焙產品。過去,福利曾經被視為是台灣烘焙產業的領導者,隨著烘焙產業進入成熟發展的階段,消費者的生活中存在大量選擇,福利的領導者形象也隨之弱化,需要比過往更為積極、主動地投入品牌溝通與形象推廣,才能重新在台灣的烘焙產業扮演趨勢領導者的角色。

    Once the leading bakery in Taiwan, Florida gradually fell out of favor due to new bakeries entering the market over the years. Competing in a highly saturated market, Florida renewed its brand image in order to strengthen its communication and reinstate its leading position.

  • 以「重現經典」作為識別的設計策略,福利的標誌設計靈感來自於1949年在台北市中山北路的創始店。擷取當時招牌字體的弧線造型,以當代的手法重新詮釋出福利的經典形象。同時將使用70年的女廚師人像圖案,重新繪製為印信形式的輔助標誌,延續品牌的歷史記憶。

    Focusing on “bringing back the classic” to the design, the upgraded logo is inspired by its first store in Taipei. DDG re-interpreted the Florida Bakery’s classic brand image; capturing the curves from the old hand-written signage and turning them into a contemporary design. Additionally, DDG turned the lady baker icon of 70 years into a stamp element to keep the memory of the brand alive.

  • Strategy, Art Direction, Design, and Illustration by DDG
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