Northwestern Mutual Infographic

  • Northwestern Mutual¬†Conference Infographic
    ROLE  Concepting, storyboard, animations
    CLIENT Northwestern Mutual
    PRODUCED AT Rare Volume
    This is a short piece of infographic animation video created for Northwestern Mutual's internal conference event towards the end of 2016. I worked closely with Jonathan Kim and Robert Hodgin on this project. This was a very quick turnaround, we only had about 6 weeks of time to deliver something cool, so we really had to work smart and utilizes the resources we have. Jonathan did a lot of design explorations while i dived into animation tests. Robert played with some Houdini tests.

  • Here are some screenshots from this infographic piece. During the process, making something cool yet on brand was a big challenge. We decided to incorporate the Northwestern Logo color palette and fonts to anchor the stylefrmes.
  • Playing with some internal AE scripts that Andrew Bell wrote...
  • Some C4D moments...

  • Thank you, hope you liked it!