A man is known by his friends

  • This is an infographic of my friends and also my life index. It can be folded, only showing the side with heads and necks of me and my friends. The yellow one in the very middle is me.

    People always say that people surrounding you build your personality. I left home since I was 12 and friends have been influencing me a lot. So I decided to tell stories of my friends in this double-sided poster to introduce myself.
  • Here is the front side of this double-sided poster, which is a timeline. The numbers on the left side is my age. There are four main colors, blue, green, orange and red, which represent four periods of school time. And each bar represents a friend. You can see how long our friendship last from the bars. The friend who is still close to me, which means the bar of him/her would keep growing to the top and then a head of him/her just pop up. 

    The friends who is closer to me, the skin head in the yellow circle, represent the same meaning literally and visually.

    There are some informations like the sex ratio of my friends and where I met these friends on the bottom. Viewers can look for detail informations of each friends on the back side.
  • I only adopted two typefaces, which I think can accommodate with this playful infographic perfectly and still with good readability​​​​​​​.
  • This is the back side of the poster. It's the content part. You can look for some detail informations after seeing the timeline. A short introduction was written for each friends. Viewers can find the story of my closest friends by the illustration of them easily because they can see clearly that only best friends have heads. There are still bars on the up-right of each friend. The bar is consisted of 26 little squares, representing my age. The bar also shows when the friendship start and when it ends. 

    It's easy to understand. If you see a head, the bar on the up-right of the friend's introduction would be colored to the end. Which means I am now still friends with him/her.
  • There are some additional information beside some friends, showing their relationship with each other.