Bauhaus Private Sphere

  • Bauhaus: Private Sphere

    Bauhaus Universität Weimar
    Weimar, Germany

    The term "private sphere" is an attempt to translate the German word "Intim sphäre" into English. While "personal space" might be more accurate, it does
    not communicate the relationship that this concept has to atmosphere (Atmo sphäre) in German. How are the spheres of intimacy and of the space around
    us related?

    In the Private Sphere course, students addressed their designs to a point somewhere along the continuity between these two spheres, where architecture may address the scale of the body and its gestures, while also shaping an overall quality of space.

    Eighteen students from around the world (China, Taiwan, Jordan, Poland, Armenia, Australia, USA, Germany) attended the program of the Bauhaus Summer School in Weimar. The course was essentially a design-build studio; students and instructors worked together to create a small cabin fit for temporary occupation by two people.
    Till Boettger
    Architect in Berlin
    Assistant Professor
    Chair of Spatial Design
    Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
    Daniel Reisch
    Architect in Weimar
    Assistant Professor
    Chair of Design and Building Construction
    Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
    George Showman
    Architect in New York
    Visiting Instructor Pratt Institute New York
    Tina Wallbaum
    Architect in Berlin
    Assistant Professor
    Chair of Design and Construction
    Universität Kassel