Dash-It App Concept

  • Dash-It Application Concept

    The original description from Dash-It app: Get time back in your day! For busy parents, working professionals, travelers, and more! Time is a resource that many wish they could better manage. Whether you are too busy at their job or want to spend more time with family Dash-It is the solution. With Dash-it you have an army of background-checked dashers available anytime anywhere to help you get time back in your day! For dashers, it’s extra money for you to earn money for college or a big purchase! Work anytime you want, find jobs instantly, and get extra pocket money just for you! 

    Here is the new user interface concept I propose for revamping.
  • Basic Element
  • UX Flow Sample
  • Login Screen

  • Scenario A: I am a customer looking for help

    Calendar: Redesign calendar of the list view of today’s tasks, monthly view and time adjustment function. The tasks are color coded to distinguish between awaiting for response, scheduled (assigned to Dasher), and completed. You can see available dashers and have the ability to send a request. You can also chat with potential dashers for your need.
  • Add New Task: Add new task requirements with the function of uploading photos which, for example, can be the photos of the room to be cleaned if the customer is asking for cleaning task.
  • Profile: The customer will have the ability to check and search awaiting, schedule, and completed task. Secondary functions such as expense history, writing review, favorite dashers, mailbox, or settings will also be displayed on this page.

  • Scenario B: I am a dasher who can help with your need

    Calendar: Review your requested and confirmed tasks in daily and monthly view. You have the ability to accept or reject the requested task. When you have confirmed task, you can check in when starting and check out when finishing.
  • Time Ability: Set up or adjust your time ability for system to match you with potential tasks.
  • Profile: Review your tasks, income, rating, and feedback from previous tasks.