Game Design: The Manifest

  • Robots in the future will not only have physical resemblance to us, but also embrace consciousness and learning intelligence. This art work is an escape room game features a first-person view of Dr. James’s laboratory, home to a humanoid scientist. Here, audiences will be switching from the physical reality world and the virtual world to reveal the secrete mystery behind Dr. James’s death. Who is Dr. James? What is the relationship between James and Tory. The story also triggers the awakening of the humanoid Tory’s deep consciousness and his emerging affection towards another humanoid Sally. This work keen to explore the identity of robots/ai and their ownership. Should we consider ourselves to have ‘moral’ duties to our robots? Should robots have equal rights as humans someday if they possess consciousness and affection?

    The design of the 8 rooms in the game also resemble different sections of human's intricate brain, the audiences/players can be see themselves as the brain cell that likely to get lost in the Dr.James's labyrinth laboratory. As the players gradually explored the final room: self-realisation (100% of the brain) they can discover the real murder of Dr. James.
  • Storyboard
  • Huge amount of work of details are put into this project. The player can pick up clues along the way. From creating unique character robots to deciding lighting of interior environment, each furniture and texture also plays an important role in promoting the mysterious uncanny vibe of this work. What's behind the bookcase? what is the notes on the floor? what does this key opens? All the clues are designed originally for this game by me, I hope the player will be excited while participating in the narratives.
  • Sample film i made to narrate the story 
  • The game is available on Mac with an joystick controller.